College Facilities

Number of books: 6416
E-Library Status - Service Available
Librarian – Post Vacant
Prof. In-Charge – Mr. Shashi Bhushan
Assistant Professor (English)
Reading Room
Newspapers Available – 6 dailies of Hindi, English and Urdu.
Magzines and Journals – Leading Magzines of Hindi and English are available. The process for the subscription of E-Journals is very much in progress.
Prof. InCharge – Mr. Shashi Bhushan
Assistant Professor (English)
Two units, one each for boys and girls have been working in the institution, each unit having strength of 50 students.
NSS Programme Officers –
• 1. Shri Shashi Bhushan
Associate Professor (English)
• 2. Dr. Anupam Saxena
Associate Professor ( Commerce)
Application form, for opening of NCC sub-unit in the college, has been submitted in July 2016. Likely to be raised in near future.
Proposed Caretaker Officer – Mr. Shashi Bhushan
Assistant Professor (English)
Rovers/Rangers unit, in the college, is likely to be established soon.
Proposed Officer:
Dr. Suresh Kumar
(Assistant Professor – Hindi)